Life Skills model of social emotional and physical learning 


A global evidence base and decades of work with thousands of schools and families have informed the Life Skills model of social emotional and physical learning.   


Life Skills Learning Content

The Life Skills GO learning content fits into 6 key areas. These learning areas also align to elements of the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities of Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking and Intercultural Understanding:

Self-awareness enables students to recognise emotions, thoughts and values.

This is a foundation to develop self-regulation, resilience, perseverance and other self-management skills that students need to be successful in learning and in life.

Physical awareness enables students to make choices that promote physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Social-awareness allows students to communicate effectively, to act with compassion, to build positive relationships and to make wise decisions.

Schools and teachers use this model to create positive learning environments and to empower their students to reach their full potential as confident, resilient and creative citizens.

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