Masterclasses for Teachers

The online masterclasses for teachers will help activate the personal and social capability of your students. You will use a repertoire of effective strategies and resources that are interactive, highly engaging and curriculum-aligned to address challenges within your own context.

Each masterclass is 4 hours, self-paced learning and includes 2 x 1hr in school tasks. The blended learning model of the masterclasses is very practical and will enable you to collaborate with your colleagues and engage in high quality professional development wherever you may be.

Empower teacher

Activate student personal and social capabilities

Build resilience and help them navigate through challenges

  • Improve self-awareness and regulation

  • Support them in how to identify their emotions

  • Increase focus in the classroom

  • Help them manage their anxiety

  • Enable social awareness and their ability to build strong relationships

  • Encourage an active mindset

  • Strengthen their ability for empathy

  • Teach them how to self-soothe

  • Bring mindfulness into the classroom

Benefits of the Masterclasses

  • SELF-PACED & USER-FRIENDLY - Log on and off as you wish, complete your professional development anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • INNOVATIVE TOOLS & STRATEGY CARDS - Download and use engaging curriculum aligned resources with your students straight away

  • CHOOSE FROM 6 MASTERCLASSES  Practical tools for you to effectively implement wellbeing practices at your school

  • INTERACTIVE - Apply new learning and solve challenges that you face as part of the 4 hour time requirement

  • EVIDENCE-BASED CONTENT - All masterclasses are based on the social emotional and physical learning model


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Self Awareness

Learn how to support students to identify and understand their emotions in order to better self-regulate, self-manage and engage in positive relationships.

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Resilience Mindset

Learn how to foster the resilience of your students so that they will be able to navigate social and academic challenges more successfully.

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Self Regulation

Learn how to strengthen the ability of your students to self-regulate their thoughts, feelings and behavior for enhanced learning outcomes and relationships that are more meaningful.

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Active Mindset

Learn how to nurture the physical awareness of your students and boost their mindset and learning potential.

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Empathy Mindset

Strengthen the empathy of your students and help them to communicate more effectively with people around them.

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Mindfulness for Learning

Learn how to bring the practice of mindfulness into your students’ lives so that they will reach their learning potential.

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