The World of Life skills

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The Life Skills world nurtures and engages students, providing the appropriate environment for effective and meaningful learning experiences to occur.

Lessons are delivered by “peer characters”, a colourful cast with varying personalities, strengths and weaknesses, that students are able to identify with. Our games and animated lesson instruction see these characters engage with and help each other, modelling positive behaviour and presenting learning content in a mode that students understand and are eager to engage with.

The characters interact in scenes familiar to children, including school classrooms, parks, shops, and the sports field, ensuring that the content is relatable and lessons can be quickly internalised and directly applied within students’ lives. But as your students grow, the Life Skills world grows with them. Older students are offered more imaginative experiences, challenging them to apply their existing social and emotional skills in new and different ways.


Meet Our Characters


Meet Galaxy

Galaxy represents the positive relationships value; she is an honest and intelligent child that loves making friends and learning new skills. As hard as Galaxy tries, she is quite forgetful which causes her to lose both her things and her thoughts frequently. Her mission is to build a sense of community with support and believes that by working together, society can achieve greatness.


Meet Air

Air is very bubbly character that represents the self-awareness value. She is quite adventurous and is great at taking care of herself. Air can however be quite self-centered and isn’t very good at thinking of others before herself. She values a strong sense of identity and wants everyone to feel empowered to be their best selves by knowing him or herself.


Meet Fire

Fire represents the self -management value and is a creative genius. Most of the time she is a quiet, calm and collected individual who likes to keep to herself. She does however have quite a short temper so tread lightly. She believes that everyone needs to learn how to take time for themselves.


Meet H20

H20 represents the physical awareness value and is a very active character; he believes that when we nurture our bodies we also nurture our minds. He is a very outspoken, independent character who loves sport and adventure. Due to H20’s status as a leader he is very insecure about his relationships with his peers, so to make himself seem more exciting to others he isn’t always honest and tends to exaggerate the truth. H20’s mission is to educate the world on the link between diet, exercise and overall wellbeing.


Meet Atom

Atom is a very logical leader that represents the social awareness value. Although he can be quite controlling and stubborn, he has good intentions. He loves volunteering to help anyone in need and is very tech savvy. His mission is to make sure that people are educated/ aware of the issues in our world and believes that everyone should get an opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Meet Earth

Earth is a very energetic optimist that represents the wise decisions value. He enjoys helping others and believes that anyone can make choices that will lead to positive outcomes for us all. Although he tries to make the right decisions, he often worries whether he made the right choice. He tends to fixate on the past, which can sometimes affect his friendships with the other kids. He knows that all children sometimes make mistakes and hopes that one day everyone will have access to education, in order to make wise decisions.  

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