Empowering Teachers

Teachers are leaders. Every teacher is the leader of our future generation of leaders. It is their job to help empower students with the social, emotional and physical skills to thrive in learning and life.

Need a lesson plan to teach these skills? Want to use online student development tools and strategies for lessons?  Want to automatically measure and report on the outcomes of student learnings? Life Skills GO has the platform and content to guide you and your students through the delivery and measurement of these learning outcomes. It is designed to help minimize your workload as a teacher and make it easier to stay connected with your classroom and your students.

We are also committed to providing high-quality teacher professional development. Our self-paced online Teacher Masterclasses ensure you receive the best education to support you in leading your student’s in social, emotional and physical learning.

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Provides teachers with lesson structure, content and analytics to deliver curriculum aligned classes within their desired workflows

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Establish a teaching curriculum.

Select lessons to include in this curriculum from the integrated content.


Manage Students

Setup students, assign student to classes and provide student with access to the learning platform.

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Manage Lesson Activities

Select desired activities to be part of a lesson.




Deliver Lessons

Deliver Lessons to your class with required flexibility, controls and adjustable timeframes to meet teaching workflows.

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Teacher Analytics & Additional Teacher Resources

Analyse the participation and learning outcomes for their students.

Access additional teaching resources which include posters, flash cards, videos and group exercises that can be used to further improve and reinforce skills and learning

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Trusted By Schools

We have listened to your feedback

95% of educators

have asked for more online content including
teacher led activities, online resources and teaching guides.

Life Skills GO is exactly this!

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